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oh, Schapelle!
The Corby saga continues, with Balinese judges deciding on Wednesday to shut down her reopened drugs trial, refusing to grant the defense legal team more time to find witnesses.
The judiciary also ruled out the possibility of witnesses linked to drug trafficking, testifying via videolink from Australia, insisting on witnesses giving evidence in person, risking prosecution under Inodnesian law if in the process, they admit to illegal associations with drug importation.
Former Victorian prison inmate, Ronnie Vigenser, in particular, must be heard directly, according to High Court Chief Judge I Gusti Made Lingga because "aside from being a witness, he could be charged for his actions in smuggling the marijuana to Indonesia."

Dog, mark II
South Korean scientists yesterday revealed the world's first cloned canine, Snuppy the afghan hound, cloned using similar technology to that which produced Dolly the Sheep.
Snuppy was born on April 24, genetically identical to the 3 year old dog from which he was cloned. The researchers used somatic-cell nuclear transfer, which involves removing the nucleus of an egg, and replacing it with genetic material from the animal to be cloned- in this case, taken from the ear skin of an afghan hound.
The Seoul National University researchers implanted 1095 embryos into 123 dogs, with only two resultant pregancies. The other puppy died of pneumonia att 22 days.

ASIO/AFP seek expanded powers
Commissioner Mick Keelty is pushing for new laws for the 'fight against terrorism', which some commentators argue do away with the suspect's right to silence.
He wants:
-power for police to ask limited questions of terror suspects without delay, with applicable penalties for failure to respond.
-permission to admit evidence in court which may have been acquired in circumstances 'not strictly conforming to domestic requirements'- including information gathered in overseas jurisdictions, perhaps even resulting for torture or questionable interrogation methods.
-An expasion on existing stop, search and detain powers, especially regarding the marine freight industry.

UK Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority to pay compensation to London bomb blast victims, victims's families.
Sam Ly's family to receive $25,500 compensation for his death. Ly was among 56 people who died on July 7.

Air France Airbus crash, no fatalities/ The 'Miracle of Flight 358'
THe Air France jet snapped in half after barrelling off the runway, skidding into aravine and bursting into flames during a severe storm. All 309 passengers and crew escaped down emergency chutes and fled the flaming wreckage at Tornoto airport.
42 passengers and crew, including the co-pilot, were transported to hospital with minor injuries.

Law Experts Declare Provision for Hicks to be Tried in Australia
David Hicks, captured in Afghanistan in 2001, is charged with atttempted murder and aiding the enemy, and conspiracy. Dick Smith, Australian entrepreneur, cited legal advice from George Willams of the University of New South WAles' Legal Faculty, which indicated that Hicks could be tried in Australia. Williams said Hicks could be under the Fourth Geneva Convention, the Crimes Act, or the Foreign Incursions and Recruitment Act. Paul Willee, QC, said that a trial for Hicks held in Australia would probably end in acquittal because of the length of his detention and the nature of his imprisonment and questioning.

Two US Military prosecutors have left the commission in disgust, stating later in emails that the commissions were rigged to ensure the conviction of prisoners.
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